Make your room unique with wall stickers and decals

Looking to do something truly creative with your room? Choose from our selection of wall stickers and wall decals to create a themed space you’ll love to live in.

Why decorate with wall stickers?

Wall stickers and decals represent a cool, modern way to give a room a fun theme. You can place the stickers artistically around the room, creating a vibrant look and an inspiring living space.

Wall decals are a great way to decorate a child’s bedroom or nursery. They can be colourful and educational, ensuring your child grows up in an environment that engages their imagination. Children’s rooms should be fun and creative, designed to appeal to a child’s love of colour and detail.

What kinds of wall stickers can you buy?

Some of the popular themes for kids' wall stickers and nursery wall decals include plants and animals, outer space and letters and numbers. You can choose whether you want the room to have an educational or fun theme.

Many people choose to go for a natural theme, for example trees and birds, so the parent can feel that their child is growing up in the natural world. Another popular choice for a wall decal theme is stars and planets, which can be positioned on the ceiling, to help children learn about the wonders of the universe and to recreate the night sky.

Can you get wall stickers for adults too?

Of course! Wall stickers and decals come in many different designs. Although they are most commonly used in children’s rooms, that doesn’t mean all the designs are childish. In fact, there are many stylish designs available that would suit adult bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Examples include flowers, fruits and vegetables, and nautical designs. You can even get wall decals based on popular TV shows, movies and cartoon characters - ideal for movie buffs and the young at heart.

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