Quality custom photo frames and picture framing services

Art that adds character and distinction to your home or business.

A piece can instantly enhance a room, if you are bored or unhappy with your current interior design. What is classified as art is in the eye of the beholder, whether it is precious photographs, oils, sketches, puzzles, prints or even collages. You may prefer works of art that are classic, or maybe contemporary art is your favourite - it all comes down to personal choice. Whatever your art preference, there are many different ways to frame your precious artworks, so that they not only look striking when displayed, but are also preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Framing your wall art is not only essential to maintain the condition of the pieces, it also makes your artwork more eye-catching. It is vital to have your art and personal memorabilia framed by trained professionals, who have the expertise to assist you in selecting the right frame, in a colour and material that will showcase the item to its fullest potential.

There are many different options for framing, including photo frames, art frames, collage frames and wall frames. For a natural finish, timber frames are a good choice, whereas metal frames offer a more modern look. When framing an image, stretching the canvas can achieve a great finish, and really make the image stand out, without the distraction of a frame. 

Framing a photograph is a popular way to preserve the memories of your loved ones. There are many different software options available to scan your images for framing. Photoshopping your images after scanning enables you to bring older photos back to life, as well as remove any defects. It also allows you to remove any background elements. 

If you are a puzzle enthusiast and spend hours piecing together all types of striking puzzles, and would like to keep these as a momento or give them to friends or family, have them framed. A framed puzzle can be an interesting conversation starter when you have guests over, allowing you to relive the excitement or frustration of piecing the puzzle together. 

Whatever your tastes in art, our expert staff at Framing Land can frame these professionally, preserving them in perfect condition.